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    Amritji+ is an online streaming service that allows you to practice, watch and listen on-demand. Instead of paying per course or being limited by destination-based programming, now you can have direct access in real-time, directly from the platform, at home or on the go.

    Join our global community of practitioners actualizing untapped spiritual potential through exclusive, on-demand access to a vast array of content, transformative education, lectures, experiential practices, original films, documentaries and more.

    Enjoy a convenient way to experience a wide range of content. Tune in through various devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, and streaming media players.

    • 100’s of Videos and new content added weekly.
    • Live & On-Demand lectures, interactive classes & practices.
    • Applied Yogic Wisdom with Gurudev Shri Amritji, Swami Kripalu & senior teachers.
    • Experiential Sessions: Guided Meditations, I AM Yoga®, I AM Yoga Nidra™ classes
    • Historical Footage featuring rare interviews, short films & documentaries.
    • Exclusive Access: Spontaneous Posture Flows, Chanting, Audio Lectures, and more
    • Available Anywhere at home or on-the-go.

    Expertise and Experience: Gurudev Shri Amritji has decades of experience as a spiritual teacher and has made significant contributions to the field of yoga and meditation. His teachings are rooted in traditional yogic practices and have evolved through his own personal journey and exploration.

    Holistic Approach: Our teachings emphasize a holistic approach to yoga, encompassing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Our teachings focus on self-inquiry, self-awareness, and personal transformation.

    Authenticity and Lineage: The teachings of Gurudev Shri Amritji and the Amrit Yoga Institute are based on the lineage of Swami Kripalu, a renowned Kundalini Yoga Master. If you resonate with the principles and teachings of the Kripalu Lineage, studying with us will provide you with an opportunity to dive even deeper into these teachings and practices.

    Inner Peace and Self-Discovery: Our teachings emphasize inner peace, self-realization, and the cultivation of an ever deepening connection with oneself. If you are seeking guidance on your spiritual journey or are interested in exploring practices that promote self-discovery and inner growth, our core philosophy and practices may align with your interests.

    Community and Support Studying with us will provide you with the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share a similar interest in yoga, meditation, and spirituality. Being part of a supportive community can enhance your learning experience and provide a space for growth and connection.

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