I AM Yoga

Energy and Balance Restored - Dec 17, 2020-Jan 6th, 2021 (121720_EBR)


December 17th, 2020 to January 6th, 2021

Live Online with Yulia Azriel and Jen Wheeler

Live Online Zoom Session Daily Schedule (every day for 21 days):
o 11:00AM-12:00PM (EST)

Students may attend live or watch later on their own schedule.

Energy and Balance Restored:
21-day I AM Yoga Nidra™ De-stress

• Are you feeling exhausted, overspent, or foggy?
• Do you crave spaciousness and sanctuary to feel calm and peaceful again?
• Does your life feel like it’s filled with too many commitments and responsibilities?
• Is your energy reserve running on empty?
• Are you trying to be everything for everyone?

This 21-day course is designed to give you real-life insights into why you feel so exhausted and overwhelmed. By engaging in practical micro-habits of ease, you will learn how to consistently restore your energy reserves and balance out your nervous system.

In this 21-day course, you will:

• Receive clarity about 3 core hidden sources of stress and how to reverse their impact
• Learn the powerful Science of Recovery and how to enter the Zero Stress Zone consistently
• Learn how to value your energy as the most important currency of life
• Identify 5 Drains of Energy and practice plugging the drainage of your most valuable currency
• Discover how seeing a Big Picture Perspective can help you step out of the cycle of stress
• integrate “7 Micro-habits of Ease” into your daily routines to bring balance and vitality to more areas of your life

In the course of 21 days you will receive:

• A short daily inspirational & insightful video (10 minutes or less) to teach and orient you to the practice and topic of the day
• Daily Yoga Nidra (sleep-based meditation) with a specific intention to support you with breaking the cycle of stress

Important Information

  • Course materials are digitally provided for convenience. If applicable, they can be downloaded from the FILES section of your course and printed at home.

  • You will have access to the course for 90 days beyond the completion of the last Live Session in the Course.

  • Course is non-refundable once purchased

  • If you wish to continue accessing the course you can extend access to e-courses for a small additional fee using this form: https://amrityoga.org/forms/ecourse-extension-form/

  • Welcome and Instructions
  • Zoom Link
  • How to get the most out of this course
  • Module 1: Understanding Modern Stress
  • Day 1: What is Stress?
  • What Are Your Stressors?
  • Yoga Nidra Setup
  • Day 1: Live Zoom Session
  • Day 2: Sociological Stress
  • Sociological Stressors Inventory
  • Day 2: Live Zoom Session
  • Day 3: Biological Stress
  • Body Scan Meditation.mp3
  • Body Scan Reflections
  • Day 3: Live Zoom Session
  • Day 4: Psychological Stress
  • Psychological Stress Inventory
  • Day 4: Live Zoom Session
  • Day 5: Your Nervous System
  • Day 5: Live Zoom Session
  • Day 6: The Science of Recovery
  • Day 6: Live Zoom Session
  • Module 2: Energy is Currency, 6 Drains of Energy & 7 Dimensions of Wellness
  • Day 7: The 3 Currencies of Life
  • Day 7: Live Zoom Session
  • Day 8: Energy Drain #1: Resistance
  • Reflection on Resistance
  • Day 8: Live Zoom Session
  • Day 9: Energy Drain #2: Reaction
  • Straw Breath
  • Day 9: Live Zoom Session
  • Day 10: Energy Drain #3: Excess Doing
  • Day 10: Live Zoom Session
  • Day 11: Energy Drain #4: Scattered Attention
  • Counting Breath Meditation
  • Day 11: Live Zoom Session
  • Day 12: Energy Drain #5: Not Knowing the Most Important Thing
  • Clarity of Vision Meditation.mp3
  • Clarity of Vision Journaling
  • Day 12: Live Zoom Session
  • Day 13: Energy Drain #6: Fixed Mindset
  • Mindset Inventory
  • 10 Principles to Strengthen Growth Mindset
  • Day 13: Live Zoom Session
  • Day 14: The 7 Dimensions of Wellness
  • 7 Dimensions of Wellness
  • Day 14: Live Zoom Session
  • Module 3: 7 Micro-habits of Ease
  • Day 15: Micro-habit of Ease #1: Proper Breathing
  • The Basic Circular Breathing
  • Day 15: Live Zoom Session
  • Day 16: Micro-habit of Ease #2: Slowing Down
  • Checklist of the Benefits of Slowing Down
  • Day 16: Live Zoom Session
  • Day 17: Micro-habit of Ease #3: Listening
  • Day 17: Live Zoom Session
  • Day 18: Micro-habit of Ease #4: Asking for Help
  • Day 18: Live Zoom Session
  • Day 19: Micro-habit of Ease #5: Simplifying Your Life
  • Inquiry on Simplifying Your Life
  • Day 19: Live Zoom Session
  • Day 20: Micro-habit of Ease #6: Trust & Let Go
  • Day 20: Live Zoom Session
  • Day 21: Micro-habit of Ease #7: Gratitude
  • Day 21: Live Zoom Session
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed