For this and all reporting questions moving forward in the course, answer the below questions using the "Text" reply button below and bring your answers to the next session for discussion.  Make sure to save your work in case there is a glitch. 

 1. Did the practice of the bowing breath help you begin to relax deeply at the beginning of the practice?  Meditation comes out of relaxation.  How did you experience that with the use of the bowing breath technique?

2.   Were you able to maintain that relaxed peacefulness when going into the movements?  By starting by Being what you were doing it for you were given an opportunity to be relaxed all along the way.  Explain one to two circumstances during your practice where you remained relaxed anchored in meditation and if you left it what caused that?

3.   Did slowing down the movements help you relax?  Sometimes the answer is yes, other times no because we are used to a fast-paced world.  If you answered no, can you see where slowing down for this yoga practice may help you remain relaxed more?  Please explain.

4.   Could you feel the body’s energy (sensations) in the body and between the hands?