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Free Weekly Quantum Breath Meditation with Gurudev Shri Amritji (Live Online Only)

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Weekly Quantum Breath Meditation
The core of meditation is self-discovery.

Energy freed consciously from mental and emotional impressions is energy awakened from the unconscious ego center. This is called conscious crossover, from the doer ego mind, to the non-doing Being that I AM (Prana Kriya).

To be the “integrated whole” that ‘You Are’, you need freedom from all forms of stress-related suffering that is created by the ego-mind that ‘You Are Not’. Enlightenment is the Self-realization that ‘I Am’. You are not your possessions, profession, your prestigious position, or the relations you have. What if you gain the world and lose your soul?

Meditation makes you familiar with the integrated experience of Oneness. As you enter Oneness, the wings of co-creative polarity of the inner body and the Being make a quantum shift to visit subtler dimensions. Once you learn the master key of the “Quantum Breath Meditation”, you awaken the inner healer. This self-care system empowers you to assist your healing by combining it with a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyle is about slowing the aging process, getting enough restorative sleep, healthy diet and exercise for balancing hormones, optimizing the gut-brain relationship, and guarding against emotionally draining and stressful interactions.

Internal emotional stress gets played out in interpersonal relationships and can manifest in the form of physical, mental and emotional fatigue. It is the biggest antagonist in health, relationships, and the aging process. Cultivating healthy relationships with yourself and others heals the toxic memory stress you otherwise face that manifests in the form of stress.

Your relationship with yourself is for realizing the truth that your Being (God) has manifested through its creation in your body. Your body is the Book of Secrets, if you follow its eons of self-healing, self-balancing, non-doing power of Being.

"I will share my own anti-aging relationship with my Soul Being that has manifested through my body. I treat my body as the temple of God. My feeling body is the only medium to access the intuitive mind and bliss body, and the Being that I AM." -Gurudev Shri Amritji

In this course, you will learn how to create a conscious cross-over from the ego-mind as doer. Inner and outer are not separate. We are siblings of the same Being.

Practice changes everything that understanding cannot change. Understanding changes everything that practice cannot change.

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